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Going through change is hard. My parents were going through a divorce and Kim came highly recommended to help us get things packed, moved and organized during our change. I will admit that when I first considered even entertaining the idea for someone to help I wasn’t on board. Why would I pay someone to do what I needed to do and had been doing for months? I met Kim and wanted to understand what she offered. I was impressed with the list of things she said she could do and was even more comfortable with her as she seemed genuine. She gave us a great quote and was so organized with her network of contacts and her way of handling logistics she ran with it. She gave us a task for the remainder of the day and we met again early the next morning. In two days we moved mountains with her Team! Realizing I did need help made me so thankful for it as it made things go faster than it would have taken me and much less stressful than it could have been.

I feel that the things Kim offers support for are hard for anyone to deal with let alone admit we need some support and help from someone. I was one of those people, but am so glad that Kim was able to help us through what we were experiencing both from a moving and job perspective and from a supportive emotional point of view.

Kim is outstanding and I would highly suggest any of her services for what you may need! Thank you, Kim and team, for all you did and continue to support us on!

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Add another five-star review for KF Family Matters! Kim helped us get my parents-in-law house and orchard cleaned up and ready for sale after my mother-in-law moved to assisted living. It ended up being a much bigger job than we initially thought it would be – people can accumulate a lot of stuff after living in one place for fifty-plus years! My husband and I live out of the area and were not able to assist in getting the place cleaned up, and his 3 siblings also were not able to help. So we basically turned the keys over to Kim and told her to go for it.

Kim took charge and first got the place cleaned up, separating items for donation, for sale, and that the kids wanted. She had some good ideas about how to do an estate sale for some of the furniture, and took charge of advertising and holding the estate sale. She worked with my husband’s siblings so that they could retrieve their possessions. We are particularly grateful to her for this part because she had to deal with some challenging family dynamics. She was able to sell my mother-in-law’s car and some of the orchard equipment. Once the house was finally cleaned up, Kim worked with other professionals to schedule and perform new painting, new carpet, etc. It ended up taking about 6 months from start to finish. Throughout this time, Kim communications skills were excellent. She took the initiative and made suggestions. She kept us informed throughout by phone, email or text and asked for our decisions where appropriate. And she was also sensitive to the financial situation and made suggestions on how to make the best use of her time. I’m sure I left something out but can summarize by saying that I would highly recommend Kim.

I highly recommend KF Family Matters if you are looking for help getting organized. Kim came out with her associate Shannon and simply amazed me with their expertise. They took what could have been a nightmare for me and turned it into an incredible purging experience. First clearing everything out of my garage then helping me to separate it all into 3 piles; toss, giveaway, and keep. Then completely organized my garage. It feels amazing.

Clients submit great testimonials for Family Matters in Danville, CA!

I am a busy professional, mom of two, and I work two jobs. Enter Kim…she has been an absolute lifesaver!! I heard great things about her and opted to give her a try. I like eating nutritious meals, but I don’t enjoy spending what little free time I have in the kitchen. She has simplified my life by making healthy meals each week.

1. No subscription required
2. Emails sent with weekly with 4-5 featured entrees and 2-3 featured side dishes. You just email back IF you would like meals that week. You don’t need to “opt out,” if you don’t want any meals the following week; just don’t reply (can you say time saver?).
3. Customizable. For example: instead of lasagna with pasta noodles, I substitute with zucchini instead. She also has vegetarian and gluten-free options if you’re on a cleanse or a diet.
4. All menu items have the caloric intake if you’re counting calories.
6. She gives your dog treats when she stops by.
7. She really goes above and beyond to help save you time. Almost too easy ;-).
Cons: None 🙂

I have never had someone come in my home and organize my household, so I had no idea what to expect. I have been separated from my ex-wife for over 2 years and still living in a house with unpacked boxes, take-out meals and minimal communication with my kids. Kim made our house feel like home again. She managed my bills both personal and professional, prepared delicious meals as I try to eat healthily, and reminded our family how important quality time is. She worked with both my kids and me helping all of us open up and become the close family we once were. I am very thankful she was there and continues to guide me through one of the hardest times in my life. I would recommend Kim to any family needing that extra push to get back on their feet so they can look forward to the next chapter.

Twin boy and girl 7-year-olds, husband travels Monday-Thursday and I own my own business. Where do we have time to go through the process of hiring a nanny?? We reached out to Kim to help with the process, and let me say, it was the best thing we did!  With kids, it is hard to find someone that not only fit our standards but also was ready for a difficult but rewarding job. Kim’s interviewing and hiring process is thorough and ensures the best fit for both the employee and employer. We are so fortunate to have Cathy. Not only did Kim find us a perfect match, we now have an extended family to share our life with.

Kim is amazing. She has helped me tremendously with meal planning and preparation. The first time I came home to her delicious home cooked meal in my refrigerator my house smelled amazing and I would never have known someone had been in my house (meaning, no garbage, no dirty dishes, not even clean dishes in the rack!) I am a busy professional that doesn’t have time for healthy meal planning and preparation. She listens to my needs and is totally supportive and motivating. She’s a pleasure to be around. I can’t say enough good things. Thank you, Kim!

Kim is a Godsend. She has, in some capacity, worked with our family for 14 years in positions that included nanny, house manager, and assisting with my business. Kim was with us during a difficult transition period when my ex-husband and I were separating. She was able to clearly see what needed to be done to make the household stay together. You could say she was the glue during a time when our family was falling apart. Any family would be lucky to have Kim take on large and small projects to help make life easier for all members of the family to survive.

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