Professional Organizers

Are you looking for professional organizers to help you reduce stress and clutter? If you’re helping your parents move, downsizing, remodeling or just wanting to get some order in your life, our team can help!

We take the worry and work out of the daunting process and help people with that overwhelming questions of “Where do I start?” We’ll walk through the rooms that make you feel overwhelmed and develop a plan to change the space and change the habits. We take notes on what kind of collector you are and what’s taking up the most space, so we can get to work helping you streamline your home or office.


  • Form a plan of action that will achieve organizational success
  • Reduce clutter, stress and increase productivity
  • Develop working system
  • Haul donation and trash
  • Work with “Collectors”
  • Sell belongings
  • Shop for supplies


We offer hourly rates and packages. If you have more than one room in your house that needs organizing, we recommend purchasing one of our packages at a discount! Packages must be purchased ahead of time. No refund for unused time. Must be used within 3 months.

10 hours a month – 3% discount
15 hours a month – 5% discount
20 hours a month – 7% discount

$10 per hour, per team member discount, for clients 65 and older. Cannot be combined with other discounts.

We understand that some transitions are difficult and not everyone may be on the same page. The owner of Family Matters as a degree in Psychology and Early Childhood Development and will help you and your loved ones through your transition. As the Family Matters team helps you move and organize, Kim will help you map out your next chapter and help you focus at the light at the end of the tunnel for FREE! If you need more hands on help, check out our Family Transtions service.

Packages subject to change due to families specific needs
Fees vary depending on services
Gift certificates available

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