Meal Prep and Delivery

We deliver Paleo and Vegetarian meals that are prepped, ready to cook, and fresh from your local markets. Guaranteed!

With the type of society we live, we don’t always have time to shop, prepare, and cook healthy meals, let alone sit together and enjoy them. And the last thing you want to do after a long day at work or running after little ones is to think about dinner, let alone spend hours making it.

Repercussions of Not Planning Well

Coming home hungry without having a plan makes it easier to make bad choices. Whether your goal is to eat healthy, lose weight, or try something new, Family Matters offers a delicious variety of Paleo and Vegetarian meals for you and your loved ones to enjoy without a commitment or subscription. Best part…FREE DELIVERY!

Benefits to Healthy Eating

Studies demonstrate that there are many benefits to healthy eating, including decreased obesity, better concentration, better sleep patterns, feeling fuller and more fulfilled, receiving the nutrients and vitamins to maintain a strong mind and body, combatting diseases, feeling an overall sense of euphoria, feeling more energized, being more productive, and living longer.

With our Meal Prep and Delivery, you don’t have to worry about spending time shopping and prepping a healthy meal. So spend that precious time catching up on the day’s events, bonding as a unit, and creating memories. Not only do you deserve it, you’ve earned it! The bonus is knowing what you are eating is delicious and nutritious.

How it works

  • Tuesday at 11am – Menu selections are emailed
  • Friday 11am – Orders must be placed by
  • Monday 4pm- Meals are delivered by
  • Following Monday 9am – Must place our bags/Tupperware/ice packs outside your door for pick up

Reply to our weekly email ONLY when you would like us to deliver.
Pay as you order service, no subscription or pausing.

Meal Prep and Delivery

  • Free delivery
  • Fresh from local markets
  • Paleo meals
  • Ready in an hour or less
  • Under 600 calories
  • Mondays deliveries only
  • Whole, organic, portioned and prepped
  • Reusable and easy to carry insulated bags and tupperware
  • Your Personal Sous Chef

What you get

    • Choose from 6 Paleo meal options, including vegetarian, all under 600 calories
    • Ingredients measured in reusable Tupperware and easy to carry insulated bags
    • Easy to follow, step-by-step directions emailed to save for later


Simplifing your life one meal at a time!

Specials? Just ask
Gift certificates available

One Flat Price

$14.25 Per Serving

Just For You 4 Servings

Family Plan 8 Servings

XL Family Plan 10 Servings

Located in the Bay Area serving Contra Costa County and surrounding areas