Junk and Donation Removal

Family Matters is your one stop shop helping you remove your unwanted belongings

  • Do you have items you would like to donate to charity?
  • Are you or a loved one moving and need your home cleared out?
  • Do you need to get the house on the market and need to your items dump or donated?

If you’re downsizing, moving to assisted living, selling your home or who just want to get rid of your belongings, we can help! We come fully prepared with the right equipment to cover any job. You can leave your home or room as is and we’ll do the work. 

We are passionate about donating to charities and people in need. We’ll clear out your home and separate your items to be donated to pet and homeless shelters, tragedies, and donation centers. All items donated are tax-deductible. What can’t be donated, we’ll provide to low income families so they can enjoy. We’ll only dump items that can’t be donated. 

Do you have a house full of junk and need a dumpster? No problem. We’ll order a 10 or 25 cubic foot dumpster and our team of organizers will clear out your home. 


Junk Removal

  • Trash removal
  • Construction debris
  • Yard waste
  • Mattresses 
  • Appliance removal
  • Soiled items
  • Storage units
  • Years of accumulation 



  • Any furniture that does not have pet hair, tears or stains
  • Clothing
  • Housewares
  • Jewelry
  • Vintage items
  • Storage units


How Can We Save You Time?


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