About the Founder

Family Matters is built around the passion Kim Falahati has always had for helping others

Kim Falahati founded Family Matters on the basis of offering affordable services that rejuvenate you so that you can become your best self and redirect your energy to what matters most: yourself and your family.

What Kim has gone through in her personal life, helps her personally understand being overwhelmed and the depression her clients and loved ones go through when they feel hopeless. She has experienced many deaths in her life, including the unexpected loss of her best friend of 25 years. Her parents are seniors, and her mother has Monomania Tremors, Dystonia, a pacemaker in her heart and has had 2 brain surgery’s. It is these experiences that have helped shape Kim into the kind of caregiver to help her clients during their difficult times. By anticipating their needs and what they will be going through, Kim is able to offer hope, advice, and emotional support to help make them see the light at the end of the tunnel. What she is to her family, is what she is to all of her clients; Family Facilitator.

In the 17 years Kim has worked with families as a teacher, nanny, and family facilitator, she noticed one consistent request from the families she worked with:  We wish we had more quality time to devote to our families and ourselves. 

That need, along with her desire to help others, she’s a Certified Life Coach and has a background in Psychology and Early Child Development, led Kim to develop the four pillars of Family Matters: Organize and Move; Estate Sales; Nanny Placement; and Family Facilitator. Family Matters is your one stop shop! You only have one company to work with, one company to call and one company to pay. 

Kim Falahati, owner/founder of Family Matters in Danville, CA

“None of us are immune to life transitions. We are all so fragile and any day could be our day to need to lean on someone. Being selfless is the hardest thing we can do for someone, and when the person we want to help is a family member or friend, we don’t always think clearly in times of stress or chaos, especially in a life or death situation.” Kim Falahati

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