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Family Matters is built around my passion for helping others


Whether you’re a busy professional caught up in the frenzy of life; a parent caught up with the day-to-day activities of childcare, school, sports, and running a household; or doing both, chances are, you can use some assistance. An extra pair of hands, another set of eyes, meals prepared, and someone to run errands is something we all wish for, but few of us take advantage of.

When life challenges us with day-to-day expectations or overwhelms us with an unexpected challenge, we lose focus and become drained, irritable, lose sleep, eat poorly, and often shut down from friends, coworkers, and our families. These struggles divert us from the path to becoming our true selves, and living a healthy and productive life.

Family Matters believes in offering affordable services that rejuvenate you so that you can become your best self and redirect your energy to what matters most-yourself and your family.

In the 15 years I have worked with families as a teacher, nanny, and house manager, I noticed one consistent request from the families I worked with:  We wish we had more time to devote to our families and ourselves.

That need, along with my desire to help others and my background in Psychology and Early Child Development, led me to develop the four pillars around my business:  Meal Prep and Delivery; Time Saver; Nanny Placement; Family Transition.

Whether you take advantage of just one of these services or all of them, you will feel an incredible relief from not having to deal with the stress, hassles, and obligations that come with life.

We are excited to come and be a part of your family and look forward to connecting with you, providing you more time to treat yourself and your family to the life you work so hard for and deserve!

Kim Falahati

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