Finding a responsible, honest, trustworthy person to care for your children in your absence is an extremely important responsibility. As a parent, you often have a career and obligations that take you away from being able to parent your children, and you want to feel confident and comfortable leaving your children in kind, loving hands.

What we do

When you hire us for childcare placement, you are paying for peace of mind.

It’s important for you to go about your business and not have to worry about who is taking care of your children, what their background is, if they are safe drivers, what their experience level is, and if your children are safe and happy.  After all, your children are your number one priority and concern, and no level of safety or accountability is too much to ask.


Why we are different

As a former nanny, Kim Falahati has the knowledge and experience to find qualified, caring, loving, dependable, and trustworthy nannies to take care of your loved ones. She can be your best asset in finding someone to care for your children and help you decide on the nanny that is perfect for your family.