It’s okay to not be okay.

The aftermath of a relationship or divorce, the end of a career, an unexpected move or family transition can have us spiraling down to a path we didn’t want to follow. It’s okay to not be okay. Be real with what you’re going through and don’t let it consume you. Life is about balance and life throws curve balls. Things end but things can begin again. It’s never too late to start over. If you weren’t happy with yesterday, try something different today! Don’t stay stuck, do better! Let no one discourage you. You don’t need a fan club to achieve your goals. Be your own motivation. ♥

Everyone has a choice. Even when it seems like circumstances will never change—we certainly can. Any failures in life are a blessing. You can’t succeed if you don’t fail. Life will spin us around until we’re dizzy. Then, it’ll send us off into the world all lopsided. It’s more devastating when it’s a failure you made yourself. Hey..own it! Name one person who hasn’t messed up before. Self growth is everything. Own you failures and mistakes and realize that you’re still breathing. That ownership does not need to break you in pieces. You NEED to grow, learn, and acknowledge all the valuable experiences you have gained. The lesson learning is never bad.

Endings sting. Especially when something ends out of no where. Especially when you weren’t buckled up and prepared for it. Raw cut endings don’t feel natural when you encounter them. It’s like your heart is synced with the harmony of a different song.

What’s amazing about the future is that no one has a hold on it.  That means no one can tell you for certain what your life will look like. If you decide to turn the page and pursue something unexpected, surprising, or fill-in-the-blank. Maybe you’ll fail at it – but we’ve already reviewed how that can work to your favor. Maybe it won’t last very long – yet again, endings are only natural. Starting over when life takes a turn, remember that only you have the power to say, “This can make me better, not bitter.”

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