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stop! family time.

Substitute your social media time with activities you can enjoy with your loved ones. You’ll see how much that improves the quality of your time and the satisfaction of a day well spent!


Real Social over Social Media 

Adults spend more time looking at their screens– whether that is on mobile devices, laptops or television– engaged in social media and programming than they spend working in a typical eight-hour job.

Instead of being glued to your devices, here are some other great activities for quality time. ♥


Hot Cocoa. Warm Night. 

During these cold winter times, enjoying the outdoors is quite a challenge. Nobody wants to go out in the wet and mucky weather. Take advantage of being cozy and warm inside 🙂


Movie Time.

Make Friday or Saturday night into a Family Game Night. Order pizza, set up some snacks, maybe create a couple of prizes or two! 


Cook. Eat. & Be Happy!

Try new recipes together. Even if you are not a cook, there are simple recipes that you get on Pinterest! You could even try some international dishes and create “theme” nights. 

From Our Founder


In the 18 years Kim has worked with families as a teacher, nanny, house manager, and family facilitator, she noticed one consistent request from the families she worked with:  We wish we had more quality time to devote to our families and ourselves. 

She offers affordable services that rejuvenate you so that you can become your best self and redirect your energy to what matters most: yourself and your family.