Here at Family Matters we like to get a head start on New Years. We think about what we want to change, improve, or maintain in our lives. But you know….if only we earned a nickle each time we heard, “New Year. New Me.” OR…”I’m going to start eating healthier and going to the gym more..,” we’d be rich. HOWEVER, we’re not trying to discredit those goals. In fact, we are strong advocates for taking care of our health and being proactive! But why not focus on what’s within? Do you really need to change E V E R Y T H I N G about yourself? It’s not a new you. It’s a better version of you!

We look back of the past 365 days and see where we can improve…what we should maintain…how we can better ourselves. What traits and morals should we continue to follow? What works? What habits must you give up to better you? Relationships to mend? What makes you happy?

Remove anyone that does not have a positive influence in your life. They don’t deserve your time. Don’t waste your time on the negative ones. By doing that, you are pushing away the ones that you should be surrounding yourself with. Create a close knit, strong, positive group of friends. Choose wisely, think about who you let in your life. Are they really doing to push me to improve? Are they going to support me? Be there for me?



Spend more time doing things YOU enjoy. Hiking, traveling, road trips, festivals, biking, writing, whatever it is! Maybe you want to try a new restaurant every other week. Maybe you want to try and beat your best hiking time or mile time.

Treat yourself! Go to a spa once every month or get your hair done every 6 weeks. Brainstorm what is a luxury to you and do it! If you’re the type of person that feels guilty for doing something for yourself or think that you could be something “productive”—we are the same way. But we have to remind ourselves that we deserve it!



We are so concerned with how we look on the outside more than the inside. Only within yourself is where you will find what truly makes you happy. It’s almost an instinctual feeling.

Reflect on your 2018 self and write down what you want to improve. Write down what scares you and things that are WAY out of your comfort zone. Write down what relationship you want to mend or make stronger.

Self care: mind, body, soul. Whatever is good for the soul – do that! You are in control of your happiness!