Family Matters is your Family Facilitator helping through any transition from A-Z, specializing in Seniors,  “Collectors” and Divorce.

We are your one stop shop, providing a variety of home based services. Organize, downsize, pack, move, unpack, estate sales, clear out, donation and junk removal. We aren’t your typical organizing and moving company, we understand the emotional attachment with ones home and belongings and how difficult it is to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Which is why we offer emotional support for FREE! Although Family Matters specializes in seniors, “collectors” and divorce, we can help with any transition including prepping for your remodel, nanny placement and more. 

Going through a transition and looking for emotional support? Our Founder, Kim Falahati, has a degree in Psychology and Early Childhood Development and has worked in families’ homes for over 18 years helping people overcome the challenges life throws at us. Whether it’s helping prepare for assisted living or the trauma and sadness from divorce or grief. Kim will come to your home and create a plan, map out your life’s goals, help you focus on the present, getting from where you are today to where you want to be in the future.

How Can We Save You Time?

Going through change is hard. My parents were going through a divorce and Kim came highly recommended to help us get things packed, moved and organized during our change. I will admit that when I first considered even entertaining the idea for someone to help I wasn’t on board. Why would I pay someone to do what I needed to do and had been doing for months? I met Kim and wanted to understand what she offered. I was impressed with the list of things she said she could do and was even more comfortable with her as she seemed genuine. She gave us a great quote and was so organized with her network of contacts and her way of handling logistics she ran with it. She gave us a task for the remainder of the day and we met again early the next morning. In two days we moved mountains with her Team! Realizing I did need help made me so thankful for it as it made things go faster than it would have taken me and much less stressful than it could have been.
I feel that the things Kim offers support for are hard for anyone to deal with let alone admit we need some support and help from someone. I was one of those people, but am so glad that Kim was able to help us through what we were experiencing both from a moving and job perspective and from a supportive emotional point of view.
Kim is outstanding and I would highly suggest any of her services for what you may need! Thank you, Kim and team, for all you did and continue to support us on! Click here to read more about what our clients say about us!

We know it’s important to choose a company that is licensed, bonded, and insured. Ask us for proof!


Located in the Bay Area serving Contra Costa County and surrounding areas